1. Hi Alyssa, I agree that reviews are important and providers should be proactive about monitoring and responding to them. However, I don’t believe senior living reviews will ever have the impact that they do in hotels & restaurants as we’ll never reach the same critical mass of reviews. Reviews do have value, helping consumers to gauge the culture and personality of a senior living community, but reviews won’t become a primary decision making resource. It is for this reason that we launched the SeniorHomes rating system in May of this year–to offer consumers an objective metric to gauge the quality of a senior living community. Please see a blog post that I recently posted on this topic:

  2. Great article! It's true that in today's world online review management (ORM) has certainly become a crucial tool to use for businesses in many verticals. Online reviews DO affect the bottom line and now that Google has rolled out recent interface changes like <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>( and launched Hummingbird <a href="http://(,” target=”_blank”>(, effectively managing ORM has become too important to ignore, especially for the senior housing industry.