Best Assisted Living Design of 2022: Olympic Spirit Lives On at Aegis Community Near Seattle 

The University of Washington Men’s rowing team stunned the world by taking a gold medal at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Nearly 90 years later, Aegis Living has distilled that Olympic spirit at an assisted living community just north of Seattle. The community, located on the east bank of Lake Union, does not simply include […]

Best Memory Care Design of 2021: ‘Best of Both Worlds’ in a Small-House Design

Sage Oak Memory Care houses 16 beds each in five buildings, with an administrative building front and center. But this Lake Charles, Louisiana-based community looks more like a cottage neighborhood than a standalone memory care community. By splitting 80 beds into five separate buildings, the community’s designers prioritized personalized resident care with smaller buildings, while […]

Best Repositioning of 2018: From Endangered High School to Celebrated Senior Housing

Yesterday’s buildings can be tomorrow’s senior housing, in the right hands. As land, labor and materials costs continue to rise, senior housing developers and operators across the country are looking for opportunities to repurpose vacant, obsolete buildings into senior living communities. This allows for speed to market while meeting future demand from seniors transitioning into […]