4 Workforce Strategies for Smaller Providers From Era Living, Balfour and Summit Vista

As the senior living industry shifts its focus from damage control to recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, recruitment and retention remain a leading industry challenge. Unlike national senior living providers that can devote large amounts of time and money to filling positions, smaller or mid-sized companies often must find more creative ways to recruit and […]

Executive Forecast 2021: A New Era Begins for Senior Living

“Last year, we thought that the 2020s would be a transformative decade — what an understatement. 2021 will set forth a new era in health care and senior living at large as a result of the pandemic.” These are the words of Ascension Living President Danny Stricker, but numerous other top executives in the industry […]

Hiring Displaces Retention as Top Senior Living Labor Challenge

Hiring employees is now the top labor challenge for the senior living industry, and unsurprisingly, Covid-19 is a big reason why. That’s according to a new “Workforce 360” report from OnShift, a company that provides senior living workforce software and services. For its latest report, OnShift heard from more than 2,100 senior living industry professionals, […]

Problem Solvers: Keeping Senior Living Staff Engaged Despite Covid Fatigue

The Covid-19 pandemic has created myriad problems for senior living providers. But these problems are not insurmountable, and companies across the industry are devising creative solutions. In this series, we’re surveying industry leaders to highlight these actionable solutions. With Covid-19 surging in markets around the country, we kick off the series by asking: How do […]

How Senior Living Providers Can Combat ‘Evaporating’ Sense of Purpose Among Workers

Senior living workforce challenges mounted over the course of the summer, with employee engagement falling and turnover increasing.  That’s according to data gathered by Activated Insights from about 250,500 senior living and care employees. Activated Insights is the senior care division of Great Place to Work, the organization that puts together the annual Great Places […]

Nonprofit Giant National Church Residences Becomes Industry Pacesetter in Workforce Equity Efforts

The Black Lives Matter movement focused global attention on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion this year, and senior living providers have responded in various ways to calls for change. This work has been ongoing at National Church Residences, one of the largest nonprofit senior housing providers in the United States, with about 310 senior […]

New Monster.com Hiring Initiative Offers $1K Bonuses to Senior Care Recruits

Online job search company Monster is teaming up with the Massachusetts Senior Care Association and the MIT-based Covid-19 Policy Alliance to help fill more than a thousand jobs in long-term care — and the state of Massachusetts is offering $1,000 in potential bonuses for new recruits. Under the new initiative “From Home to Help,” Monster […]