Transform Podcast #18: Brandywine Co-Founder and CEO Brenda Bacon

Brandywine Co-Founder and CEO Brenda Bacon, a senior living pioneer, is pushing the industry toward its next chapter.Old capital structures and operating models must change to accommodate a new generation of consumers, Bacon believes. Due to Brandywine’s experiences in a tough market, she reversed her position on RIDEA and is now skeptical of triple-net leases. […]

Transform Podcast #17: Ken Jaeger of MorningStar

When he was just a child, Ken Jaeger made a vow that one day he would start a business that would make the world a better place. That sense of mission not only spurred him to found MorningStar Senior Living, it has also proven to be good for business. In 2019, the company partnered with […]

Brandywine CEO: ‘Full-Risk Environment’ Demands New Capital Structures, Innovative Operations

Senior living operators are in a “full-risk environment” due to oversupply, labor and other headwinds, and this is leading to necessary disruption in how capital structures are designed, Brandywine Living Founder and CEO Brenda Bacon believes. Specifically, her own experience in leading Brandywine has led her to reverse her position on RIDEA. As an entrepreneur, […]

Invesque CEO: Senior Living Industry Has Not ‘Dug Its Teeth’ Into Solving Workforce Crisis

It’s been a big year for Invesque. Since its founding in 2015, the Carmel, Indiana-based firm has amassed a nearly $2 billion portfolio, and made a signature acquisition in 2019 by purchasing the Commonwealth Senior Living operating company and 20 properties. This rapid growth is no accident — Invesque Chairman and CEO Scott White places […]

Transform Podcast #16: Scott White of Invesque

2019 was a big year for Invesque. The Carmel, Indiana-based firm made a splash when it acquired operator Commonwealth Senior Living and 20 of its properties for $340 million. Today, Invesque’s portfolio numbers more than 120 buildings with a gross value of about $2 billion. In this episode of Transform, hear from Scott White, Invesque’s […]

Transform Podcast #15: Charlie Wilson of Buckner International

On Nov. 21, Buckner Retirement Services held the official grand opening for Ventana, a $240 million, high-rise continuing care retirement community in Dallas. Even as Buckner is launching this new addition to its portfolio, the organization was working to close on a sale of its historic East Dallas campus, originally opened in 1954. In this […]

Buckner Opens $240M CCRC with High-Profile Partnerships, To Sell Historic Campus

Last week marked the official grand opening of Ventana by Buckner, a $240 million high-rise continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Dallas. Ventana is part of a crop of urban CCRCs rising across the country, and it stands out for the numerous partnerships that it has forged with high-profile organizations in its local market, including […]

Transform Podcast #14: Ryan Novaczyk of New Perspective Senior Living

New Perspective Senior Living has its work cut out to accomplish ambitious goals, and it has a new CEO leading the way. The Minnetonka, Minnesota-based senior living provider has set a goal of serving 10,000 older adults by 2025, and accordingly ramped up its pipeline in recent months. New Perspective also named Ryan Novaczyk as […]

New Perspective CEO: Our Big Growth Push Could Include Active Adult, Middle Market Plays

New Perspective Senior Living has a new CEO — and soon, the company might venture into new product types, too. The Minnetonka, Minnesota-based senior living provider is exploring both middle-market and active adult senior housing, according to CEO Ryan Novaczyk. “We think it’s interesting,” Novaczyk said during a recent appearance on the Senior Housing News […]