Vitality Living Enters Active Adult Market, CEO Expects Decade of ‘Significant Change’

When Chris Guay founded Vitality Living, he was frustrated at the industry’s slowness to innovate, and he intended to push the envelope. Four years later, he and Vitality have been through twists and turns, including joining with new partners. But Guay believes the Brentwood, Tennessee-based company is in a strong position today, with a portfolio […]

Transform Podcast #40: Chris Guay of Vitality Living

When Chris Guay founded Vitality Living, he was frustrated at the industry’s slowness to innovate. Now, he believes that more operators have started “think differently” — and he anticipates that the next 10 years will bring significant, positive change. Vitality itself is changing, by opening its first active adult project. The company is also taking […]

Transform Podcast #39: Chip Gabriel of Generations LLC

Like other senior living providers, Generations LLC has faced lower occupancy rates and higher expenses due to Covid-19. But Executive Chairman Chip Gabriel is optimistic about what is in store for the Clackamas, Oregon-based provider. In particular, he is bullish on its slate of intergenerational and middle-market projects. And he believes that future operating models […]

Generations Plans Return to Growth With Intergenerational, Middle-Market Senior Living

Dealing with Covid-19 hasn’t been easy for Generations, but the company’s executive chairman is optimistic about recovery and is forging ahead with innovative middle-market and intergenerational projects. Since the outset of the pandemic, the Clackamas-Oregon, based senior living provider has watched its census decline by about 850 basis points, hitting revenue as expenses rose. “It’s […]

Transform Podcast #37: Marvell Adams Jr. of The Kendal Corporation

In the post-pandemic age, prospective residents and their families will crave more information than perhaps ever before. In turn, providers should prepare to be more transparent about infection rates, safety protocols, vaccination rates, and other quality indicators, according to Marvell Adams Jr., COO of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania-based The Kendal Corporation. Adams has been working to […]

Transform Podcast #36: Tara Clayton of Willis Towers Watson

COVID-19 has made risk management more critical for senior living operators — but, those challenges that existed prior to the pandemic have not gone away. Arbitration agreements, fall reduction and response, communication and documentation practices, and early claim resolution are among the “Risk Management 101” topics that Tara Clayton, Senior Claim Consultant at Willis Towers […]

Facing New Threats, Senior Living Providers Must Ace These Risk Management 101 Practices

Since the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, senior living providers have understandably been focused on risks related to the coronavirus. But, existing issues have not gone away, and providers are well-advised to make sure they are acing “risk management 101” in this new and challenging operating environment. That’s a key […]