Lasell Village President: Demand for University-Based Senior Living Will Only Grow

Every month, Lasell Village, – a CCRC on the campus of Lasell University in the Boston area – gets calls from other academic institutions wanting to replicate its senior living model. Based on the demand for expanding university-based senior living and the effects those models have on residents, Lasell Village President Zehra Abid-Wood believes now […]

Transform Podcast: Lasell Village President Zehra Abid-Wood

Lasell Village, located in the Boston area, continues to innovate in fostering intergenerational connections with its university-based senior living model. In this episode of the Senior Housing News TRANSFORM podcast, learn how the unique continuing care retirement community is building on its legacy as a pioneer of university partnerships with senior living, including by pursuing […]

Avendelle Assisted Living COO: We Could Sign Up 50 New Franchisees in 2024 as Model Expands to New States

Avendelle Assisted Living is preparing to nearly double its existing footprint in the coming year as new franchisees enter the world of senior living. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based company didn’t plan to start out as a franchisor when founder Esther Cromwell purchased her first home in 2003. Over the course of the next 12 years […]

Transform Podcast: Bill Bunting, COO, Avendelle Assisted Living

Avendelle Assisted Living is preparing for explosive growth through its franchise model in the coming year. COO Bill Bunting says this expansion will solidify Avendelle’s footprint in South Carolina and prepare the company for growth outside the state. Learn more about the company’s growth plans and how Avendelle is leveraging the franchise model in this […]

Goodwin Living CEO: Why Brain Health, At-Home  Care Are Next Frontiers for Senior Living Innovation

Goodwin Living’s future lies in expanding health service offerings as the senior living provider keeps its focus on staffing and other operational efforts. The Alexandria, Virginia-based organization is a faith-based nonprofit that operates three communities in the northern Virginia area serving approximately 1,100 residents with a full continuum of care. Goodwin Living also manages a […]

Transform Podcast: Rob Liebreich, President and CEO, Goodwin Living

Goodwin Living is looking to improve employee retention efforts while finding ways to grow senior living and care offerings. And to grow, CEO Rob Liebreich says Goodwin Living must return to basics on operations to improve its business model. Learn more about the organization’s plans for future growth, includes expanded memory care services through its […]

Transform Podcast: Insight Living Principal Bryan Ziebart

The Brea, California-based senior living management company operates communities across four western states, with future plans including potential new development, acquisition and joint venture growth. Insight Living continues to seek growth while aiming to transform its operating model with actionable data-driven insights. To achieve operational success, Principal Bryan Ziebart believes the company’s path forward will […]

Insight Living Principal: We’re Using Data in a ‘Transformative Way’ to Support Growth, Operations

Insight Living is building a new make and model of the senior living “bus” while driving it down the highway. That’s an analogy Principal Bryan Ziebart uses to highlight the daunting road ahead for senior living providers. On the one hand, operators will need to continue to drive operations and gain occupancy and elongate margins […]

Priya Living CEO: We’re Going Beyond Senior Living’s Typical Offerings With New India Expansion

Priya Living is forging ahead with a strategy to develop a pipeline of unique senior living communities in India, with plans to innovate beyond the industry’s typical services and amenities. Earlier this month, Priya officially unveiled plans for Priya Flower Valley, a 42-unit community set to open this November in Gurgaon, India. The project is […]