Transform Podcast #32: Lynne Katzmann of Juniper Communities

Regularly testing senior living residents and staff for Covid-19 is not cheap. And yet, it is among the industry’s best tools for limiting the disease’s spread.Just ask Lynne Katzmann, Founder and CEO of Bloomfield, New Jersey-based Juniper Communities. She believes that senior living providers must test their residents and associates early and often in order […]

Juniper CEO Details Covid-19 Testing Battle Plan With $100K Weekly Pricetag

Juniper Communities was an early proponent of widespread Covid-19 testing in senior living — but testing doesn’t come cheap, either. The Bloomfield, New Jersey-based provider spends about $100,000 each week on Covid-19 testing, according to Founder and CEO Lynne Katzmann. That has allowed the company to baseline test its residents and associates, and in turn […]

Transform Podcast #31: Randy Richardson of Vi

Vi President Randy Richardson is an optimist, but he finds it hard to maintain a bright outlook in the midst of Covid-19 — in fact, he fears that the worst is yet to come for senior living.  But Richardson is still bullish on the industry’s long-term prospects. Vi was able to adapt its operations, sales […]

Vi President Fears Worse Covid-19 Challenges Coming, Optimistic on Long Term

Despite all of the senior living industry’s hard-earned progress, there may be worse days ahead in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, according to Randy Richardson, president of senior living provider Vi. For Richardson — who stresses he is an optimist — it is disconcerting to see Covid-19 infection totals rise again in cities and […]

Ingleside CEO: We Must Reinvent Ourselves In Light of Covid-19

Ingleside spent almost $500 million in recent years updating and expanding its communities and offerings, but Covid-19 is prompting the senior living provider to further reinvent itself. The pandemic is driving a larger investment in technology and a reexamination of the continuum of care. It is also likely to drive more consolidation among senior living […]

Transform Podcast #30: Lynn O’Connor of Ingleside

Covid-19 could act as an accelerant for senior living trends that were already underway. For example, these challenging times could prompt more non-profit providers to find new and creative ways to affiliate or partner, or to increase annual technology budgets.Ingleside, a Rockville, Maryland-based senior living nonprofit, is currently exploring ways to do both. The organization […]

Transform Podcast #29: Scott Stewart of Capitol Seniors Housing

Covid-19 is having an outsized effect on the senior living industry — but its lasting impact may not be as dramatic as Capitol Seniors Housing Founder Scott Stewart initially feared. Still, the pandemic demands careful evaluation of community designs, and requires a concerted effort to reach consumers and maintain confidence in the senior living value […]

Transform Podcast #28: Lori Alford of Avanti Senior Living

Avanti COO Lori Alford strove to be an unflappable leader when Covid-19 first struck. But her approach changed as the pandemic taught her valuable leadership lessons.By embracing transparency and authenticity Alford was able to bolster the culture during a tough time for the provider, based in The Woodlands, Texas. Avanti is now seeing its lowest […]

Avanti COO: Covid-19 Taught Me To Be a More Authentic Leader

When crisis comes, it can be tempting for leaders to play the role of an all-knowing, unflappable battlefield general. But a little humility and transparency can go a long way, too. Just ask Lori Alford, COO of Avanti Senior Living. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit The Woodlands, Texas-based senior living provider, her first instinct was […]