Local Community News? SHN Now Accepting Submissions

Interested in sharing some local senior housing and retirement community news with the world?  Many communities have requested and submitted information and press releases they wish to share about their communities, activities and residents that are outside the scope of traditional news that is covered on SHN.  As part of the continued requests, we have created a new section on Senior Housing News (SHN) entitled “Community News” that discusses events, resident activities or other important information about being part of a local senior housing or senior living community.

Local News Submission Policy:

  • SHN reserves the unequivocal, unconditional right to reject any press releases, submissions
  • SHN reserves the right to edit copy or rewrite copy suitable for publication on SHN
  • No linking to websites, email addresses or phone numbers will be provided / displayed
  • If photos or images are submitted, they MUST include information for crediting purposes or they will not be used
  • Community News stories are a minimum of 200 words with a maximum of 500 words
  • All submissions must include a contact name, email and phone number within the local community to verify events
  • No Birthdays, death notices or resident specific announcements
  • Announcements are not part of SHN daily or weekly email distributions

Some examples of community news include:

email us at [email protected]