U.S. News Ranks Best Nursing Homes of 2014

U.S. News & World Report on Wednesday released its annual Best Nursing Homes 2014 list, which highlights the top nursing homes in every state and encompasses nearly 100 major metropolitan areas. Around 25% of nursing homes considered for 2014’s list achieved a five-star rating, the highest given through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Nursing Home […]

New Players To Shake Up Senior Living Finance in 2014

New entrants into the senior housing space are creating acquisition and development financing opportunities, lenders say. Bill Kauffman, Managing Director of Oak Grove Capital’s senior housing division, has seen continued entrance of equity investors moving into the senior housing market and forming alliances with existing operators and a handful of new operators—moves that will create more […]

Top 10 Trends in Senior Housing for 2014

Two trains are driving toward one another. The first train, Money, leaves Town A at 5 am traveling at 60 miles per hour. The second train, Health, leaves Town B at 7 am traveling at 70 miles per hour. The distance between Town A and Town B is 455 miles. What is the EXACT time […]

Top 5 Senior Living Design Must-Haves For 2014

Add-on services, wellness programs and technology are just a few key aspects senior living professionals expect will earn their place as senior living mainstays in the following year and beyond. Take computer labs and on-site car rentals, for example. They’re no longer “nice-to-haves,” but are quickly becoming necessities as senior residents expect technology and transportation […]

AT&T Makes Entry Into Senior Care With New Product Launch

Joining other big-name communications providers that have recently entered the senior living business, AT&T (NYSE: ATT) announced this week it is launching into senior care using the support of its national wireless network. AT&T joins the ranks of STANLEY Healthcare, Time-Warner Cable and LG, which have used their service networks to tap into the senior […]

Marketers Zero in on Adult Child in Senior Living Sales

Senior living marketers are zeroing in on prospects’ children as a strategy to counteract delayed transitions into senior housing communities, noting a correlation between adult child involvement and quicker move-ins. “Adult children getting more and more involved than they ever have at the residential level,” said Krista DiGeorge, regional marketing director at Asbury, a not-for-profit senior […]

New Study Examines Who’s Really Living in Assisted Living Communities

While the senior living industry tends to view “assisted living” as senior-facing, communities labeled as such cover a broad gamut of resident demographics and characteristics, reveals a new national study. The study, which is the first of its kind, may have strong implications for policymakers and consumers, says Andrew Carle, executive-in-residence and director of George […]

Developers Hot on High End Senior Housing Post-Recession

Development of luxury senior housing is not slowing down, despite challenges related to land acquisition and the recent economic downturn. While the economic recession might have hindered the appeal of luxury options for many prospective residents who saw their home values plummet, those in the business say they are not restricting the pace of their […]

Senior Living Sees Dining as New Driver for Occupancy Growth

Senior living providers are making big bets on dining programs, and they’re seeing their investments and efforts pay off through higher occupancy levels and better response to marketing. Dining services, along with caregiving and management style, have the greatest impact among service types on assisted living community resident satisfaction, according to a recent study from Western […]