1. It is still amazing to me that more is not being done to address the need that is rolling to shore. There is a silver tsunami coming but so many think we still have time, which we do not, since it will take a while for preparation. I suppose since the needs of this country have been so great in general this has taken a back seat. I fear what may happen if a wake up call isn't heard soon.
    I love the idea of a cottage community where boomers can reside and take care of each other, giving them a sense of pride and purpose while keeping the cost down. I see it clearly and hope that one day I can be a part of seeing the vision fullfilled. And we have places to live out our lives where we actually want-to-live instead of have-to- live.

  2. Kathy, agreed…
    When I do my "Empowering the Mature Market" speaking engagements on "Aging-In-Place" sometimes I'll find a way when I'm introduced, to crash and fall coming out on stage! The gasps, etc. are palpable, and the nervous "don't know how to react / what to do" sets in, wondering if I'm okay. I pop up after a second, walk to the podium, and say "You don't even KNOW me, and that scared you and you were concerned for me… right?" (nodding heads, especially from the women) "Well what if your mother fell today, just now, while you were at work? It would be TOO LATE to make a CHANGE in her house or yours… even if she goes for 6 weeks of O.T. rehab after her hip surgery, we won't have time to design and permit and construct the changes she'll need when she gets back home." SILENCE….

    I wish they'd get the point that PRO-ACTIVE vs. REACTIVE is the solution… I am speaking around 2x per month, educating the public (for free) regarding planning ahead, making changes NOW that work for EVERYONE that uses the home. Better for mom, the kids, the parents, the caregiver… EVERYONE, if done right and planned ahead. More at:

  3. Kathy, I am a developer and builder, I believe I am heading in the direction you are talking about. I am designing affordable cottages. I may ask for input in future.

  4. Would love to hear more about this. My husband and I are consultants with a long background in the senior housing industry. We have a unique opportunity to match seniors and investors and developers. Any chance you are located in the Southeast?

  5. gil: I am have a property ready to develop in Portland, Oregon. ideally situated for 100 unit independent living facility with attached pharmacy and home health agency.