Webinar Last Chance: Creating Growth Through Value-Add and Repositioning Scenarios

The seniors housing and health care acquisition market has been and continues to be dynamic, fed by interest rates remaining relatively low, declining capitalization rates, and a frothy lending environment. A significant portion of facilities being acquired are done so with the intention of realizing value upside through some degree of physical rehabilitation or repositioning.

While there are inherent opportunities and risks with all acquisitions, these value-add scenarios present their own benefits and challenges in terms of timing, logistics, execution risk, and financing options.

Listeners will hear real-world experience from owner/operators that have witnessed the highs and lows of value-add acquisitions, and will learn various financing strategies that can help to optimize cash flow and property stability.


Webinar: Creating Growth Through Value-Add and Repositioning Scenarios

Date: Wednesday, Dec. 9 2015

Time: 1:00 p.m. CST


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