Lighter Side: Aging Boomer Captain Fights Rumors of Retirement via Twitter

captaincrunchWho says you should go quietly into that night known as retirement?  Not according to this baby boomer….yes, Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch, that salty sailor who has floated on the Seven Seas for Quaker Oats since 1963 has confirmed that the rumors of his forced retirement are false.  Not bowing to pressure from health critics, the Captain plans to keep plugging along his merry ways.  Since the Captain is a young baby boomer, he is planning on re-inventing his career preaching moderation, lower sugar and fitness.

“I’m hearing the rumors. I would never retire. I love being a captain too much,” according to the Captain’s Twitter account.

Boomer, career re-invention, healthy lifestyle, a Facebook and Twitter account?  This boomer is on top of his game….are you?