Brookdale Programs Set To Offer New Cooking and Wellness Programming

Brookdale Senior Living is seeking to crown new chefs and provide new experiences through its Ultimate Chef America competitions and the 2010 Celebrations program, Amazing Places of America. The 2010 Celebrations program is a year long life enrichment and dining program opportunity designed exclusively for its residents and communities offers a variety of themed experiences, special events, and enriching programs.  The program features virtual trips to various cities and regions across the nation and focuses on six key dimensions of senior living – emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and purposeful.

"Through Celebrations 2010, we will rekindle patriotic feelings, and allow ourselves to be awed once again by America’s amazing natural beauty," said Sara Terry, vice president of Optimum Life(R) for Brookdale Senior Living. "We travel for the sake of curiosity and learning, but our American grand tour is more than an exploratory vacation. It is a celebration of us as Americans."


In conjunction to its Celebrations programming, Brookdale announced that it is hosting Ultimate Chef America competitions across the country that will showcase two teams of four of its’ Dining Services staff members will compete during a two-hour cooking competition focusing on healthy cooking for seniors. The first event will be held in Phoenix on Jan. 28, 2010 and participants will be able to view the fast paced competition and attend various educational programs and a vender expo as part of the competitions.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the creativity, ability, and talent of our Dining Services associates will be showcased during this unique competition," said Joska J. W. Hajdu, senior vice president of dining services for Brookdale Senior Living, and also an Executive Chef by trade. "Our chefs are masters at creating traditional, heart-healthy meals, and this competition will stretch their creative talents further than ever."