SHN March Madness Bracket — Let’s See What You’ve Got

SHN March Madness Bracket — Let’s See What You’ve Got

It’s basketball time!

We’re trying something new here at Senior Housing News and introducing our first-ever March Madness Bracket Challenge. In a nutshell, we’re inviting all of our beloved daily email subscribers to create their own March Madness brackets and to submit them, bravely, in competition against other subscribers’ brackets.


And it’s all for a good cause.

Let’s go over the basics:

How do I join?


Sign up and create your bracket using this link. Be sure to finalize your bracket before the Round of 64 starts on Thursday, March 16.

Yes, joining is free.

What’s the password?


Why should I participate?

Bragging rights, procrastination, an official excuse to watch several hours of basketball in the middle of the day — and because SHN will make a $500 donation to the winner’s charity of choice.

*Please note that SHN has the right to refuse a charity if it does not meet certain standards, including but not limited to being a bona fide, tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity. If the chosen charity does not meet the requirements, SHN will donate $500 to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Other requirements:

The winner must be a daily email subscriber of Senior Housing News. If your grandmother, step-brother or next-door neighbor also wants to submit a bracket, that’s fine — just sign them up for the daily email first!

No basketball knowledge is required to join. It’s perfectly acceptable to predict winning teams based on jersey color alone.

Still have questions? Email before March 16, and we’ll try to help.

Good luck, and may the best bracket win!

Photo Credit: USAG Humphreys

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