How Covid-19 Paves The Way For More Senior Living, University Partnerships

Covid-19 is putting pressure on academic institutions, creating a clearer and stronger case for why universities should partner with senior living providers. Senior living affiliations with colleges and universities were gaining traction prior to Covid-19, and industry leaders such as NIC Co-Founder and Nexus Insights President and Founder Bob Kramer and Kendal Corporation President and […]

More Middle-Market Demand, Less Greed In the System: How Covid-19 May Affect Senior Living Development

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing many aspects of the senior housing industry, including the prospects for new development. While the long-term ramifications are still unclear, there are early indications the pandemic will make banks more cautious about the sector and create new opportunities for middle-market projects, among other changes. That’s according to Ryan Haller, an […]