Housing Slump Hurts Assisted Living Operators

Late last week the associated press ran an article on how senior housing and assisted living operators were lowering their guidance and forecasts as housing prices continue to fall and sales stagnate. These baby boomers and many retirees are choosing to remain in their homes and stick it out rather than selling for a lesser […]

Nursing Home Rating Information Comes Online

Last week the federal government released information on some of the most troubled nursing homes and this initiative could pave the way for further information to be provided to the public domain if Congress passes a bill that was introduced earlier this year. While many private operators publish data on quality of care, their offerings […]

Nursing Home Arbitration Coming To an End?

Legislation was recently introduced into the Senate that end the ability for nursing home residents to waive their right to trials. Prior to admitting new patients, many nursing homes are having their clients sign arbitration agreements rather than allowing them to take their disputes to a court of law. The Fairness in Nursing Home Arbitration […]

Seniors Leaving Their Homes An Emotional Decision

America’s elderly want to stay at home as long as they can, sometime to the detriment of their health and safety. Seniors often postpone the decision to move into senior housing until after an event occurs that precipitates the change, sometimes an accident or a serious health problem push them over the edge to make […]

Senior Housing Funding Study Shows Major Funding Challenges

The National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry (NIC) released a comprehensive study of long-term care financing in the United States last month. The study addresses the combination of public- and private-sector funding that will be needed to pay for the nation’s growing care needs, especially when Baby Boomers reach their 70s […]

MedPAC Proposes Negative Change for Efficient Senior Care Providers

The Medicare Payment Advisory Committee is proposing changes to Medicare reimbursement to skilled nursing facilities that could lower payments to those facilities performing high-volume of therapy related services. The report recommends lower payments made by medicare based upon the efficiencies of scale that the Council has stated that any high volume provide should have achieved […]

Social Security Report Paints Gloomy Picture for Senior Housing

Last week, the Social Security Administration presented its report on Social Security and Medicare in the United States. The annual report painted a similar picture of demise and didn’t show any major improvements or worsening in the entitlement realities over the next 30 years from last year’s report. 2008 is an important year for the […]