Senior Living Financing—It Exists, But You Gotta Get Creative. Here’s How.

The financial crisis that began in 2008 was like a large-magnitude earthquake, its aftershocks can still can be felt today by lenders and borrowers. It dramatically changed funding opportunities for both for-profit and nonprofit senior-living providers. So after this seismic shake-up, what does the financing landscape look like for 2012? For starters, although interest rates […]

Op-Ed: GOP Primaries Emphasize Need for Medicare Reform

The Republican primary in Florida brought discussions of healthcare, particularly Medicare, back to the forefront of the national discourse. With its sizeable senior population,  Medicare  and Social Security were top of mind to Florida voters. It is certainly important that health care, and particularly Medicare, be debated thoroughly during the Presidential campaign, as entitlement reform […]

Nonprofits: The Art of Negotiating a Sale

Divestitures, mergers and acquisitions-the words evoke an image of Wall Street and corporate wheeling and dealing, which seems like a far cry from the world of nonprofit senior living. There are many reasons that a nonprofit makes the decision to sell (divest) a senior-living facility. Often, there are private companies or larger nonprofits eager to […]

Taking Advantage of Medicare Advantage

It’s hard to believe, but Medicare’s open enrollment season began last week. And this year, as a result of the federal health reform law, seniors will have to brace for several changes. Seniors who rely on privately administered Medicare Advantage plans for their benefits will face the biggest adjustments. That’s too bad, as Medicare Advantage […]