Most Popular Senior Housing News of the Week: Thanksgiving Edition


Senior Housing News wishes its readers a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We will return Monday, Dec. 1. But until then, here are the top stories that grabbed readers’ attention this week:

Senior Living and Hospital Referrals: Are You on the Magic List? — Hospital discharge planners are often the key influencer of where patients receive post-acute care, which makes relationships between providers and those guiding the referral process all the more important. Jacqueline Bechtold Gordon, a discharge planner with more than 30 years experience, says being on a planner’s good side and quick response time move providers to the top of the referral list.


How Memory Care Communities Are Tackling the NFL’s Concussion Crisis — After sustaining years of concussions from head-banging, former NFL players are being diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) — a degenerative brain disease found in those with a history of repetitive brain trauma. The disease manifests itself similarly to dementia, but also presents stark differences that are already changing how memory care providers interact with this emerging demographic of residents.

Why Consumer Marketing Alone Won’t Cut it in Senior Living — Keeping up with an emerging health care-focused senior living market means bridging the gap between B2B and B2C marketing, marketing experts said during the recent Senior Care Marketing Sales Summit in Chicago. To start, providers should take a hard look at their website, said Alexandra Morehouse, vice president of brand experience and advertising at Kaiser Permanente.

Running Seniors Can’t Stop Aging, But They Can Slow it Down — Seniors who run for exercise can slow their aging process more than those who choose to walk, a new study finds. That’s because running mitigates the age-related deterioration of “walking economy,” or the metabolic cost to perform an motion, whereas walking for exercise has a minimal effect on age-related decline, says the study from researchers at the University of Colorado-Boulder and Humboldt State University in Arcata, Calif.


Surprise Contenders Among Best Cities for Successful Aging — Madison, Wis., and Iowa City, Iowa, ranked as the top large metro and small metro for older adults, respectively, in the “Best Cities for Successful Aging” report, published by the Milken Institute.

Written by Cassandra Dowell

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