Tapestry Brings Wireless Remote Monitoring to $100 Million Portfolio

Tapestry Senior Housing Management, LLC announced it is making an investment to install wireless remote monitoring technologies in a $100 million portfolio of senior living communities.

Based in Minneapolis, the company manages a portfolio of more than $100 million in private pay senior living assets. Tapestry said it has chosen Healthsense to be its provider of choice in the communities.

“Healthsense’s eNeighbor remote monitoring capabilities will enable us to provide better care by proactively managing and anticipating residents’ needs. This will also allow for better communication with family members and loved ones regarding residents’ health and wellbeing,” said Tom LaSalle, president of Tapestry Senior Housing Management. 


With over 40 years in the business, LaSalle said the technology is far beyond anything he has used in the past and will first be deploying the platform in a 149-unit assisted living and memory care community, prior to its further rollout to the rest of the communities. 

“Tapestry’s focus on adaptive reuse in conjunction with new construction memory care is particularly well-suited to the scalable Healthsense platform, which integrates easily into both existing and new structures and allows senior living communities to keep pace with residents’ changing needs,” said Healthsense President and CEO A.R. Weiler.

According to LaSalle, the use of wireless remote monitoring is something that providers will need to stay competitive.


“It will be something families will expect in the near future,” said LaSalle. 

 Written by John Yedinak

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