Holiday Retirement Expands Services Through New Care Partnership

A new partnership with California-based skilled nursing and assisted living provider Shea Family now allows Holiday Retirement to offer expanded services to its residents at two locations — and is expected to roll out at more Holiday locations in the near future. Holiday, which operates independent living communities nationwide, will be offering more in the way of care services through the partnership. 

Shea Family has opened centers at Holiday’s The Springs at Escondido and Arcadia Place in Vista, Calif., where residents can opt in for a variety of care packages traditionally not offered at Holiday or other independent living communities. 

“We approached Holiday and basically said one of the biggest problems in independent living is, in essence, closing your back door,” said Ken Lund, CEO of Shea Family. “Your single biggest competition is higher levels of care.”


With additional levels of care available from activities of daily living to assisted living services, Shea anticipates providing an added benefit to Holiday by enabling residents to remain in independent living for longer periods of time and creating a safer environment for the residents that need extra services. 

Residents at the two locations can opt in for a variety of personalized services and receive help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing and grooming, as well as wellness coaching. Services such as check-in visits from medical professionals and help with medications can also be coordinated by Shea Family. 

While Shea operates its brick and mortar locations in California, this is the first time the organization has expanded services off site in a “portable” model of care. This model, though only currently implemented at Holiday locations in California, can be available anywhere in the country, Lund said.


The companies have been testing the model at the two locations, but are prepared to expand, Lund said. He hopes to implement it at a third California location within the next 60 days.

It’s up to Shea Family to let Holiday know when they’re ready for the next rollout, Lund said.

Having this type of care in an independent living community, Lund said, is setting a precedent for future senior living communities. 

“In the short term it’ll be a competitive advantage, in the long term it’ll be a deal-breaker.” 

Written by Emily Study

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