Assisted Living Guru Launches New National Referral Service

Assisted Living Guru is preparing to launch its referral services nationwide, but for now has its sights concentrated in select metro areas.

The company’s site allows consumers to browse assisted living as well as various other senior living options in their local areas.

Apart from assisted living, the site also offers users to search for independent living, nursing homes, home care, Alzheimer’s and memory support, as well as senior apartments and adult day services. 


Though the referral service provider plans to roll out its offerings on a national scale, the company is initially concentrating its service in Texas’ Houston and Austin assisted living markets.

Seeing opportunity in the long-anticipated 76 million Baby Boomers that will require long-term care services in the years to come, Assisted Living Guru notes that the number of assisted living facilities grew 30% from 2008 to 2013. 

The inventory growth might not be enough to keep up with demand, especially when trying to appeal to the unique demands of this aging clientele. 


“Despite these strong growth numbers, the assisted living industry is struggling to keep up with the diverse demands of a baby boomer generation that has very different requirements from generations past,” the company stated in a release. 

Assisted Living Guru intends that its efforts to streamline local senior living options will simplify the process for consumers when searching for long-term care for their loved ones.

“Each senior has unique needs, and each assisted living facility specializes in meeting unique demands of the senior housing market. Matching these needs while keeping within a seniors housing budget can be extremely difficult,” the company said. “Assisted Living Guru simplifies the assisted living search and offers personalized consultations. This personalized approach enables the senior and their family to make an informed decision.” 

Written by Jason Oliva

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