1. Overbuilding IS a concern!!! Don't just look at the numbers without digging in. Yes, the prevalence of Alzheimer's is increasing. But many seniors with early stage Alzheimer's do not need to be housed in a locked down dementia care facility. Further, with the cost of dementia care generally running 60 k a year or more, ability to pay will place significant limits on demand for new projects. Some markets are already seeing declining occupancy and slowing absorption rates. Developers should proceed cautiously and fully understand the true demand for private pay dementia care.

  2. Dementia care education and training must be made a high priority for millions of caregivers, especially for family and non-medical personnel caring for the elderly who are "aging in place".

    Granted, institutional care should be more broadly available and accessible.

    However, virtually all seniors afflicted with dementia will develop early symptoms while living in ther own homes. And the vast majority will require the care and understanding of non-professional caregivers long before they take up residence in a qualifying memory care facility — if ever.