Think Seniors & Boomers Don’t Use Text Messaging? Think again.

voice-text-by-ageThink texting is just for teenagers?  Think again.  The latest survey from Nielsen media shows the nation’s seniors and boomers are spending an increasing amount of time using their phones.

The data shows that those in the 55-64 demographic are sending and receiving on average 80 text messages and averaging over 580 minutes per month for voice minutes used on their cellular phones.  The data for those individuals in the 65+ category show an average usage of 32 text messages per month and almost 400 minutes of cellular minutes per month.

Imagine how many text messages the current under 18 demographic will be sending when they reach 55+…at that time, text messaging maybe as old fashioned as rotary (let alone home/wire-line) phones are today.


For the full stats on Monthly Voice and Text Message usage visit the Nielsen survey