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Senior Care Burdens Grow Heavier for Families

The toll of caregiving can sometimes be more than one can handle, findings from Genworth’s recent “Beyond Dollars” study show. Senior living providers can offer an alternative that may be increasingly attractive to family caregivers, who are experiencing greater burdens and may be seeing their Read More »

Aging Americans Are In For a Senior Care Reality Check

A large majority of older Americans expect they will likely need long-term care services in the future, but even so, they still lack confidence in their financial ability to pay for this care, a recent report finds. And adults age 40 and older may also Read More »

Senior Living, Home Health Synergy Drives M&A Activity

Business partners handshaking

The number of home health mergers and acquisitions dipped to start 2015, but valuations are up and more types of buyers are vying for deals than in recent years — including senior living and long-term care players. “In the last three years, we’ve seen the long-term Read More »

40% of Wealthy Aren’t Prepared for Luxury Senior Living Costs

Development of high-end senior living products and services may be increasing, but data shows four in 10 wealthy individuals still aren’t prepared for the costs of long-term care. In the event that long-term care is ever needed, nearly one-quarter (23%) of the cohort expects to Read More »

[Update] CVS to Buy Omnicare in $12.7 Billion Deal

Omnicare Inc. (NYSE: OCR), the nation’s largest long-term care pharmacy provider, will be acquired by CVS Health Corp., Bloomberg News first reported Wednesday. The deal was confirmed early Thursday and will net an enterprise value for Omnicare of $12.7 billion, including $2.3 billion in debt. Omnicare has Read More »

State Construction Rules Encourage, Stifle Senior Living Innovation

As senior living organizations nationwide look to reinvent the traditional “nursing home” model, those in two states will have very different opportunities to do so in the coming years. On one hand, a proposed bill in Indiana is seeking to ban construction of new nursing Read More »

Why Long-Term Care Insurance Isn’t the Answer

Long-term care insurance may actually be a lot less needed than past research suggests. That’s because while nursing home stays are frequent among the aging population, they’re relatively short, compared to other forms of long-term living. Such are the findings of a new study from Read More »

Finding the Next Hot Spot for Senior Living Development


Not all metros are equal when it comes to senior living development. The last 18 months were marked by builder hot spots from Texas, to Arizona and the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis in Minnesota. The speculation continues as builders set sights on new Read More »

NBC News: Some Places Vastly Unprepared to Face Aging Tsunami

The Silver Tsunami is no joke, especially for America’s most rural and underserved regions struggling with limited healthcare professionals and services to help seniors age in place. But for states like Montana, which has counties where nearly 25% of the population is over age 65, Read More »

Long-Term Care Facilities Must Recognize Same-Sex Spousal Rights

Long-term care facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid may soon be required to recognize the rights of same-sex spouses regardless if their state has validated the marriage, according to a recently proposed rule by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). “These revisions would promote Read More »