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State Construction Rules Encourage, Stifle Senior Living Innovation

As senior living organizations nationwide look to reinvent the traditional “nursing home” model, those in two states will have very different opportunities to do so in the coming years. On one hand, a proposed bill in Indiana is seeking to ban construction of new nursing Read More »

Why Long-Term Care Insurance Isn’t the Answer

Long-term care insurance may actually be a lot less needed than past research suggests. That’s because while nursing home stays are frequent among the aging population, they’re relatively short, compared to other forms of long-term living. Such are the findings of a new study from Read More »

Finding the Next Hot Spot for Senior Living Development


Not all metros are equal when it comes to senior living development. The last 18 months were marked by builder hot spots from Texas, to Arizona and the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis in Minnesota. The speculation continues as builders set sights on new Read More »

NBC News: Some Places Vastly Unprepared to Face Aging Tsunami

The Silver Tsunami is no joke, especially for America’s most rural and underserved regions struggling with limited healthcare professionals and services to help seniors age in place. But for states like Montana, which has counties where nearly 25% of the population is over age 65, Read More »

Long-Term Care Facilities Must Recognize Same-Sex Spousal Rights

Long-term care facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid may soon be required to recognize the rights of same-sex spouses regardless if their state has validated the marriage, according to a recently proposed rule by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). “These revisions would promote Read More »

Today Show: Not Your Grandmother’s Long-Term Care

Nearly 70% of Americans will need some form of long-term care, but changes in the way care is delivered and the increasing costs to provide it certainly presents some challenges, according to a recent segment of the Today show. Chatting with Today financial editor Jean Read More »

Running Seniors Can’t Stop Aging, But They Can Slow it Down

It’s impossible to run away from aging, however, a new study reveals that seniors who regularly run for their exercise can slow their aging process more so than those who prefer walking. That’s because running mitigates the age-related deterioration of “walking economy,” or the metabolic Read More »

Washington Post: Employers Warming Up to Elder Care Benefits

For many adult children, juggling time to care for one’s parents and own household, while at the same time balancing a 9-to-5 job, is no easy task. But as the nation’s aging population is poised for astronomical growth in the years ahead, more employers are Read More »

Mounting LTC Liability Costs Sending Some States’ Providers into Crisis Mode

Liability costs for long-term care providers are expected to increase by 5%, with an estimated national loss rate at $2,030 per occupied bed in 2015, a new study shows. But some will feel the heat more than others.  The analysis, released Thursday by the American Health Care Read More »

Harvard Study Finds ACOs Lead to Better Health Care

It’s the formula health care reforms have been drumming up since the passing of the Affordable Care Act: organizations that play together, report higher satisfaction in delivery of care services, according to recent research from the Harvard Medical School Department of Health Care Policy.  And for Read More »