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10 Most Expensive States for Assisted Living

Long-term care is expensive across the country, but some states—particularly those on the East Coast—have much higher median costs than others, as demonstrated by Genworth’s 2014 Cost of Care Survey. Nearly half of the states have a higher median annual cost for care in a single-occupancy assisted living unit than the U.S. median of $42,000.… Read More »

Assisted Living Costs Mount More Than LTC Alternatives

Consumers have more choices for long-term care than ever before, says Genworth in its latest Cost of Care report, but those options come with a price tag that keeps getting bigger. Out of those options, which encompass home care and home health services, adult day care, and skilled nursing, assisted living costs have grown the… Read More »

Five Healthcare Trends That Will Impact Senior Living

The Affordable Care Act is causing a sea change in the healthcare industry at large, and several emerging trends are expected to impact the long-term care industry as well, including a movement toward in-home services.  Five trends in particular are worth noting, Senator Bill Frist, the keynote speaker for the National Investment Center for the… Read More »

OnShift Raises $7 Million, Targets Growth in Long Term Care

OnShift, a staff scheduling and labor management software provider for the senior living industry, has big growth plans on the horizon for $7 million in financing that it recently secured. The company announced Tuesday that it had closed $7 million in Series C Financing, which it will use not only to increase existing business operations,… Read More »

Developers Blend Traditional CCRC with Mixed-Use, All-Ages Housing

The ingredients to develop the next generation of senior living may include one part senior housing developer, one part local hospital and one part wellness organization. That’s the recipe for a Midwest partnership planning to construct a $60 million integrated care campus that will blend senior housing with primary and post-acute care within an intergenerational… Read More »

Senior Living Alternative Staffing Leads to Huge Turnover Reduction

While staff turnover continues to plague many senior living providers, some companies have shown large-scale success through new, alternative initiatives. One has prompted turnover levels as low as 5%. Labor costs consume a substantial amount of senior living providers’ operating budgets—often times in the neighborhood of 50-70%—and can amount to $5,000 in training costs to… Read More »

Boomers Mistakenly Think Obamacare Covers Long-Term Care Costs

To the dismay of many baby boomers who believe Obamacare will fund the costs of long-term care (LTC), a new survey reveals just how ill-prepared this demographic is when planning for their aging care needs.  Of the 801 Americans over age 50 surveyed by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute’s annual survey, only 28% were aware… Read More »

Top 10 Trends in Senior Housing for 2014

Top 10 Trends in Senior Housing for 2014

Two trains are driving toward one another. The first train, Money, leaves Town A at 5 am traveling at 60 miles per hour. The second train, Health, leaves Town B at 7 am traveling at 70 miles per hour. The distance between Town A and Town B is 455 miles. What is the EXACT time… Read More »

Top 5 Senior Living Design Must-Haves For 2014

Top 5 Senior Living Design Must-Haves For 2014

Add-on services, wellness programs and technology are just a few key aspects senior living professionals expect will earn their place as senior living mainstays in the following year and beyond. Take computer labs and on-site car rentals, for example. They’re no longer “nice-to-haves,” but are quickly becoming necessities as senior residents expect technology and transportation… Read More »