Offering Options for CCRC Entrance Fee Refunds: Savvy, or Not So Much?

With the economic downturn and housing market decline, more continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) are offering alternative entrance fee refund options to help attract prospective residents, but while many say it’s good business to do so, not all have adopted this practice. There’s a clear trend toward communities offering 50% and even 0% refund options […]

In the Pipeline: Senior Housing Construction Projects (9/12/2012)

Construction: Planned Ill. Senior Community Gets Green Light for $78 Million Expansion Project A senior care community in Arlington Heights, Ill. has gotten approval from the local village board for a $78 million expansion project, reports the Chicago Tribune. Lutheran Home, a healthcare, rehabilitation, and assisted living center sponsored by Lutheran Life Communities, has been […]

Senior Living Communities Geared Up to Accommodate Longer Careers, Nonretirees

Exiting the workforce at a “traditional” age is no longer the norm for many older adults, and senior living communities are learning that in order to keep their residents happy and provide a comprehensively convenient environment, they may have to accommodate a variety of interests—including residents who still work in some capacity.  Some retirement communities […]

Using Programming, Remodeling to Attract Younger Residents into CCRCs

As the average age of independent living residents trends upward, some providers are searching for ways to reposition communities to attract younger residents, and renovating properties or introducing programming that incorporates the outside community are some ways to do so. At Gold Medallion, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Tulsa, Okla., the median age […]

Pricing is King for CCRCs When Targeting Couples, Younger Census

With the median age rising for entrants into the independent living portion of many continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), providers are looking for ways to position their communities to attract younger incoming residents. Positioning communities to attract younger residents boils down to targeting a larger market space, and this can encompass a variety of methods: […]