Family Caregivers Providing More Complex Senior Care to Avoid Nursing Homes

The market for potential assisted living or skilled nursing facility residents is being depleted by family caregivers who are taking on more and more senior care responsibilities, including medical and nursing tasks once only provided in hospitals, according to a new AARP report. The level of care that non-professional caregivers are providing has grown increasingly […]

AARP: Not Nearly Enough Senior Attention in Presidential Race

American seniors are concerned about essential retirement issues including Social Security and Medicare, and there is not nearly enough discussion of these topics in upcoming presidential debate, AARP said Friday.  The upcoming debate between candidates incumbent President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney need far more focus on these issues, AARP said.  “We are […]

AARP: Senior Caregivers Deserve Protection from Workplace Discrimination

More senior caregivers of family members and friends are being discriminated against in their workplace, says AARP in a new report highlighting the issues affecting working caregivers, and the trend needs to be halted by implementing equal-opportunity protections for this population.  “Workplace discrimination against family caregivers is growing more commonplace and more problematic as baby boomers age […]

Labor Department, AARP Focus on Helping Seniors Gain Jobs, Retirement Security

As unemployment figures remain high across the nation and some seniors struggle to attain financial security heading into retirement, the U.S. Department of Labor and AARP have both launched initiatives in recent days aimed at helping the older population to get jobs, and, by extension, retirement security. AARP’s new service, called Work Reimagined, makes use […]

Seniors, 50+ Homeowners in Foreclosure Crisis, Losing Homes

Older homeowners aged 50 and older have taken a tremendous hit from the recession in terms of foreclosures since 2007, finds an AARP study, and it will impact their ability to pay for long-term care and medical expenses.  The total number of foreclosures among this “older” population is 1.5 million over the past five years, […]