Dished 2019 Agenda – Sneak Peek

Senior Housing News Dished

Senior Housing News (SHN) is pleased to announce the sessions for the 2019 DISHED event on March 7, 2019. Join over 100 culinary professionals in senior living next spring to discuss the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the industry. Network with industry thought leaders and learn valuable information from operators who will be presenting in a case study format.

This invite-only, full day event sold out last year in record time. Request access today to this incredible event and join us in Chicago this spring.


See the proposed topics and agenda below:

New Dining Formats For the Next Generation of Senior Living Residents

From fast casual to flexible menus, this session explores the innovative ways operators are meeting the changing expectations of the modern resident, as well as preparing to satisfy the tastes of future residents.  


The Race To Evidence-Based Memory Care Dining

Operators are always on the hunt for new programs, initiatives and environments that support cognitive health. This discussion examines how dining experiences can be a pillar of your memory care program through special staff training techniques, menus, spaces and equipment.

Where’s the Beef? Plant- & Puree-Based Dining Strategies

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Plant-based meats, vegetable-carb substitutes, gluten-free desserts? These dishes may not be staples of your menu now, but vegetable-centric plates and meat reduction are up-and-coming trends you should not ignore! During this demonstration attendees will get to taste and learn how to prepare these trendy plates.

Strategies to Attract, Motivate and Retain Dining Staff 

The session explores unique initiatives and programs that communities are utilizing to engage both their front and back of the house dining staff.    

ROI for Dining Space Renovation: Balance Costs, Marketing Efforts and Expectations 

Renovating a dining space is an ambitious project, and more often than not budgets can get away from us. This interactive panel discussion dives into strategies to control costs, maximize space and use the renovation process as a marketing and retention tool.   

Senior Living Meets Retail: Extending Dining Into the Community To Drive Revenue

Communities from coast to coast have been opening up restaurants, coffee shops and other campus amenities to the public, hoping to bolster resident socialization and revenues. This panel will discuss best practices in developing public-facing restaurants and using food to connect residents with the community.

New Pricing and Budgeting Strategies For Senior Living Dining Programs

Dining budgets are a major line item that many operators struggle with. This session aims to explore differing cost-saving models and methodologies, which can propel the culinary experience without breaking the bank.

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