Europeans Export Seniors Abroad in Search of Affordable Care

In search of high quality and more affordable care for their loved ones, Europeans have turned to exporting their seniors to nearby countries—particularly Poland, Bloomberg reports

The “Grandma Export” trend has been a topic of concern in Germany, where some have denounced it as “gerontological colonialism” and “nations exporting their trash,” writes the Bloomberg article.

But to some, sending their loved ones abroad to neighboring countries it the best option to provide a dignified lifestyle for their aging relatives amid a lack of affordable quality care at home.


“….even for seniors cushioned by government aid in countries like Germany, the cost of nursing home care is rapidly becoming prohibitive,” Bloomberg writes. 

German spending on long-term care for seniors is expected to increase from 1.4% of gross domestic product to 3.3% of GDP by 2060, a time when the number of people older than 60 will triple to almost two billion, according to United Nations’ estimates. 

Germans, such as one woman’s story featured in the Bloomberg article, have looked to Poland to meet the long-term care needs for their aging parents, but care quality remains an issue. 


Read the Bloomberg article.

Written by Jason Oliva

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