Webinar: Keep Up With Google’s Changes to Consumer Searches—Sign Up Now! (Sponsored)

Google, the largest search engine in the world, has recently made some changes that could impact the amount—and quality—of traffic you’re getting to your senior living community website. Are you keeping up with the changes? Do you know how to leverage Google’s new features and products to drive the most qualified traffic to your site, capture more leads, and convert them into tours and move-ins? This is your last chance to sign up for a free, live webinar to learn about those changes and how it might affect you.

When it comes to senior living and long term care communities, influencers and loved ones are beginning their searches online. Most prospective residents and their families search online first before deciding which communities they would like to tour and eventually call home—and they’re using Google to do it.

Consider that:

  • 16% of Boomers visit search engines first for information on senior living communities
  • More than 70 million online searches are specific to Senior Living and care 
  • Google has 65.3% market share in search compared with 15.2% for Yahoo and 14.8% for Bing.

Google is constantly evolving. In the past few months alone the search giant has added a bevy of game-changing features in the realm of mobile, ad tracking, keywords and more. Knowing how to take advantage of these changes is critical to successfully promoting your community online and attracting the right prospects to your website. 

Join us for a live webinar that will highlight the latest changes from Google and give you practical advice on how to take advantages of those changes to keep traffic moving and maximize lead generation for your senior living community websites.

Key takeaways will include:

  • What’s new: Google+ Local pages, mobile search, AdWords and more 
  • How to maximize Google’s tools to drive self senior living-specific searches
  • Getting the most out of your Google paid ads
  • How to maximize SEO for Google mobile

Registration for this free webinar will be closing soon, so sign up today!

Getting Found: How Google’s Recent Changes are Changing Senior Living Search 
Tuesday, October 30 at 2012 11am PT/2pm ET. 

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