HHS Announces Grants For Geriatric Education & Nursing Workforce Development

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently announced grants that will provide $106 million in funding for Nursing Workforce Development and $29 million for interdisciplinary geriatric education and training programs.  A total of 85 awards will fund three geriatric education and training programs at accredited health professions schools that include:

  • Geriatric Education Centers (GEC) ($17.2 million) supports 45 awards to improve training of health professionals in geriatrics; develop curricula relating to treating health problems of the elderly; and support faculty training and continuing education for health professionals in geriatric care.
  • Geriatric Training for Physicians, Dentists, and Behavioral and Mental Health Professionals (GTPD) ($8.1 million) supports 13 grants to geriatric training projects that will train health professionals who plan to teach geriatric medicine, geriatric dentistry, or geriatric behavioral or mental health.
  • Comprehensive Geriatric Education Program (CGEP) ($4.2 million) supports 27 grants for projects to train and educate individuals in providing geriatric care for the elderly, including curriculum development, faculty training and continuing education for geriatric providers.

“We cannot build a healthier America if our country continues to face a growing health professions shortage,” said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “A well-trained, educated and diverse workforce is critical to meeting future health care demands, and to reforming the nation’s health care system.”