NCOA Launches Economic Security Initiative to Improve the Lives of Seniors

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) launched an Economic Security Initiative last week at the Aging in America Conference that includes both community-based support services and national advocacy efforts.  NCOA’s program will offer free counseling and support to economically vulnerable older adults in eight cities across the U.S.  With $1 million in grant support from the Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation, NCOA’s Economic Security Service Centers will provide comprehensive, personal economic casework to 4,000 seniors in the next two years from locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, Tucson, and Baltimore.

“With 13 million older adults living near poverty, and unemployment for older workers at an all-time high, people need help getting services and support from a very fragmented system,” said James Firman, President and CEO of the NCOA. “Older adults face a bewildering array of public and private programs and services, most funded independently and siloed. Our Economic Security Service Centers will provide comprehensive, personal support and follow up from one location to ensure that older adults can benefit from income support and employment programs, foreclosure mitigation, debt management, legal aide, reverse mortgages, and the many other services for which they are eligible.”


The centers will provide each low-income client with a comprehensive, personalized financial assessment and economic security plan. Community-based staff will connect seniors with a range of benefits and solutions, and provide personal assistance and follow-up to ensure they actually receive the services and programs.

For the full press release, visit the NCOA.