SHN’s Senior Housing & Living Jobs Board Released

With the economy and jobs on everyone’s mind (besides the Holidays) here in Washington and around the country, Senior Housing News has dusted off it’s senior living job board. Job growth and creation are part of our “11 Trends in 2010 for Senior Living & Senior Housing” that will be making its debut shortly…shameless plug/tease.  We cleared out all the old jobs…so feel free to post some and do your part to add jobs to the economy (if you can).  Remember that over 1,000 people currently subscribe to SHN’s daily email and 20,000+ pages are viewed each month and both are growing.

It should be noted that the previous month’s employment reports shows that the overall economy has lost over 8 million jobs since the beginning of the recession.  While the bulk of the jobs lost during the recession represent a broad range of industries, it should be noted that home health services has been up over 10% and that healthcare related jobs represent a significant portion of the job sectors that are experiencing growth. Yes, growth.  Regardless of government intervention in health care or health care reform in Washington, the demographics lend themselves to this trend and while healthcare spending can be reduced, it cannot be eliminated entirely.  The “new normal” for health care spending will continue to be restrained while the broader economy is down but will experience a significant uptick when times are better and thus fueling even more job growth.

Visit the Senior Housing News Jobs site.