Medicare En Mexico? Push For US Benefits In Retirement South Of The Border

As the debate for health care reform and its affect on Medicare, Time Magazine ran a good article entitled, “Medicare Savings: Is the Answer in Mexico?” that discusses the massive differential in the costs of health care between Mexico and the US.  The article profiles some of the efforts of Americans for Medicare in Mexico, A.C. (AMMAC) which is a legally chartered Mexican non-profit organization based in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. AMMAC was formed in April, 2009, in order to coordinate a campaign to obtain U.S. Congressional authorization for a Medicare Demonstration Project, benefitting eligible seniors residing in Mexico.  Paul Crist, the head of the AMMAC, stated that eligible expatriots in Mexico are required to fly back to the US regularly to use their benefits or be forced to pay out of pocket expenses.  For those thinking of moving to or developing senior housing in Mexico, this is an article to check out.