Equity Lifestyle Properties Releases 2008 Storybook

Life In A Day of Equity Lifestyle PropertiesIn an interesting public/investor relations move, Equity Lifestyle Properties (NYSE:MHC) released a storybook entitled, “Life in a Day of Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. 2008”, along with its proxy materials that it is sending out to their shareholders that portrays a number of stories involving seniors living in various areas of the country associated with the company’s assortment of properties.  In the opening letter, it asks the reader to take a step back and look at things from a longer term perspective and not focus as much on the near term.  The material is filled with drawings and various photos of people that evoke a calm and relaxed attitude…something that investors are most likely not feeling.   In order to satisfy the lawyers, the company released an 8-K because the 2008 ELS Storybook could be deemed to be solicitation materials under the proxy rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

To see the 8-K and the picture book, click here.