SeniorBridge Expands to Provide Nationwide Care Management with RBA Independent Practice Association

SeniorBridge, a leading provider of professional services for individuals and families requiring care for chronic health conditions at home, is now able to provide high-quality care management services from coast to coast. Through the acquisition of Rona Bartlestone Home Healthcare, a licensed homecare agency located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, SeniorBridge now has a national geriatric care management network, the RBA Practice Association. This makes SeniorBridge the largest provider of care management services in the country. The SeniorBridge RBA Practice Association is a unique network of the best care management practices in the country. All care managers in the association are highly trained, experienced, licensed and insured, and each one meets our quality standards for excellence in the field of geriatric care management.


“We are excited to be able to provide the same quality care management services nationwide that we have been offering in many cities,” said Eric Rackow, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of SeniorBridge. “People with chronic health conditions deserve the option to remain safely at home with quality of life, and our care management network allows us to be even more successful in supporting our clients’ complex care needs nationwide,” said Dr. Rackow.


SeniorBridge provides complex care management services to individuals in their homes. It offers a unique, integrated system of care that encompasses the full range of services needed by persons with complex chronic conditions. Led by a geriatric care manager who assesses each client’s needs, a SeniorBridge multidisciplinary care team provides coordinated in-home care, nursing, psychosocial assistance, and wellness services to maximize client health. Clinical research has shown that this approach can lead to reduced emergency room visits, a greater likelihood of remaining at home, and improvements in self-care and mobility, as well as peace of mind for family members. SeniorBridge, founded in 2000 and with offices throughout the United States, is a provider of care at home for clients who have complex chronic health conditions. The company’s unique model addresses the total well-being of clients and their families through a comprehensive program that includes assessment, planning, service coordination, advocacy, and direct care by a multidisciplinary team led by a professional geriatric care manager. For the full press release, click here.