Best Retirement Locations For Football Fans

Football season is finally here and its still too early to pick winners but US News & World Report examined some of the best places for retired Americans to live to get them in-touch with their inner-arm chair quarterback.  The article discusses a number of locales including the Carolinas, Arizona and Southern California.  All of these have heavy concentrations of retirees in those areas already primarily for their climates, but we came up with a few of our own based upon our opinions of affordability.  Here are our thoughts based upon professional and college football:

  • Austin, Texas – University of Texas, Baylor are universities that are close.  Pro teams include the Cowboys, the Texans and the Saints
  • Denver, Colorado – The Denver Broncos, Colorado Buffaloes, Air Force Academy Falcons and the Rams of Colorado State
  • Ohio – Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati  Bengals

Maybe some senior women looking for companions should take this into consideration to find eligible senior men?  On second thought, they won’t see the men on the weekends for 4 months out of the year.