Tax Credits and Grants to Fund Senior Housing Redevelopments in the Future?

As more senior housing developments are being developed with public housing funds, the questions regarding updating and improving existing senior housing projects arise. Some senior housing projects are so old and out of date that demolishing rather than rehabbing and refurbishing these older buildings and complexes. The state of Connecticut has been using its Small Cities grant program to fund different senior housing projects that include some new developments but more importantly improving and upgrading existing facilities. The Grace Meadows project will receive approximately $700,000 from the Small Cities grant program will be used to renovate the facilities and correct inadequate fire alarms and emergency call systems, replace windows and gutters, electrical upgrades, drainage improvements and an addition to the community building.


As more facilities such as the Grace Meadows project need upgrades, how will local governments fund these projects to bring the facilities up to minimum care standards in a cost effective manner, especially when considering the use of taxpayer dollars? Renovations to existing buildings are expensive and sometimes bring upon discussions of demolition rather than rehabilitation. The use of state and federal grant money should lessen the burden on local municipalities and keep local property taxes in line.


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