Senior Housing News can help your organization connect with our audience through our custom hosted webinars. Our webinars deliver actionable lead generation, terrific brand recognition, and opportunities for your organization to position itself as a thought leader. This program can generate leads for your sales team and build your marketing database by educating and informing SHN subscribers about your product or service. SHN manages the entire process and helps craft a topic. You’ll need to provide the content via a slide deck and panelists to help the message come to life.

The SHN team promotes webinars through our platform channels to drive our subscribers & visitors to register and attend the webinar through email blasts, articles and social media. SHN can help deliver webinars for real estate development, banking & finance, marketing, technology or other topics that can generate leads for your firm.

SHN provides the production, management and promotion to get registered and interested candidates. All you need to do is prepare the slide deck & coordinate up to three panelists. Successful webinars are that easy. Here are some statistics for our recent webinars:

  • Received between 200 and 1,000 registrants per webinar (depending on the topic & strategy)
  • An average of 60% live attendance and an additional 15% that request copies of the slide deck and recording within 48 hours of the webinar

Ready to learn more about our webinar program?  Email us at [email protected]s.com or call us at 312-268-2420.

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