Enhance your Senior Housing News event experience.

Get access to select conferences and events at no cost for your ticket. As part of the Senior Housing News (SHN) Executive Connect program, executives may apply for this ticket type and  participate in a set number of meetings with pre-screened vendors at the event. If accepted, you will be granted a complimentary ticket to the event and required to attend scheduled meetings at the event and provide feedback on those meetings.


To Qualify:

Senior Housing News is seeking qualified senior living operators that wish to connect with industry partners and sponsors. You will be required to complete a questionnaire that includes your biography and any upcoming product and service purchasing decisions  as well as a post event questionnaire on the value of each meeting. 

If accepted, you’ll be presented with a pre-screened number of meetings at the event. Meetings are scheduled in a designated area at the event during a time that’s mutually agreeable to both parties. Your scheduled meetings will be arranged and communicated prior to the event based upon your interest and our partner vendors.


Executive Connect is designed for owners, C-suite executives, managing directors and VPs* with purchasing decision power and influence.

*Other qualified executives subject to review by Senior Housing News

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For more information on this program, please contact Aging Media at [email protected].

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Become a part of the Executive Connect program

Please use the form below to apply. All fields are required to be considered.

Rules, Terms & Conditions

1.  Only one provider or executive per firm may choose to participate in the Executive Connect program per event unless otherwise expressly agreed to by Senior Housing News/Aging Media.

2.  Aging Media reserves the right to deny access to the event if all information is not provided about the executive in attendance.

3.  Failure to provide notice that you will not be able to attend within 15 days of the event will disqualify you from eligibility from future participation in the Executive Connect program.

4.  Each participant will be required to pay a $300 fee to reserve their spot. If the participant attends the event and attends all meetings, the fee is fully refunded. If the participant cancels, Aging Media shall retain the fee to offset the costs for the individual at the event. The fee is non-refundable if there is a cancellation for any reason.

5.  Approved executives cannot swap or change company representative without 15 day notice to Aging Media.

6.  An individual may only participate in one Executive Connect event per calendar year at any Aging Media Event.

7.  Participation in the Executive Connect program includes a complimentary ticket to the pre-event reception and the full conference on the day of the event. Executive Connect does not reimburse for lodging, travel and other personal expenses.


On-Site Experience

You’ll have an opportunity to connect one-on-one with our pre-vetted partners to discuss your business needs at the event in the morning over breakfast, lunch time or during breaks built into the event schedule. Take the meetings and enjoy our industry leading content and speakers.

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