For Online Senior Living Leads, Follow Up or Forget About It

Senior living providers have tended to discount online-sourced leads as less likely to be qualified, but marketers say a lead tracking strategy that includes building relationships with each and every inquiry can help boost conversion rates for tours and, eventually, move-ins.  Many providers tend to view online leads as inferior quality, says Todd Walrath, president […]

Consumer Reviews Critical to Senior Living Communities’ Online Presence

Consumer reviews hold a powerful spot in today’s shopping process for many products, including senior living, marketers say, as they may be a prospect’s introduction to a senior housing community and can help determine that community’s online visibility.  “Before they see your website, before they get your sales pitch… they’re seeing reviews,” said Kevin Williams, […]

Senior Living Terms Drive Marketing Success

Terms and phrases often used when marketing for senior housing communities and brands are approaching taboo territory—even commonly used ones like “senior living,” according to a recent survey by a marketing firm that specializes in the senior housing industry. It may not be much of a surprise that 94% rated “nursing home” as the term they […]

Integrated, Personalized Approach the Holy Grail of Senior Living Marketing

The process of converting a senior living prospect into a moved-in resident has grown longer and costlier since the economic downturn, and marketing campaigns increasingly require an integrated approach that incorporates online and offline components along with a personalized touch.  “[Marketing] campaigns have to be very integrated and diverse,” says Rebecca Donato, vice president of business […]