Mixed-Use in Senior Housing is Win-Win for Investors, Developers

While incorporating commercial space into senior housing projects presents a value-add for the surrounding community, this type of mixed-use development can also be a win-win for providers, investors and active residents with high expectations for amenities. It’s especially true for the oncoming wave of Baby Boomers who will be moving into senior housing in the […]

Is Mixed-Use, Multi-Gen Housing the Future of Senior Living?

Intergenerational housing will be driving the trend toward retirees opting to move into low-maintenance multifamily housing, writes Multihousing News. Apartments—in particular those located in densely-populated urban areas—will be a major draw for active empty nesters, in addition to the 20-somethings they typically attract.  “We are effectively looking at multifamily mixed-use intergenerational housing as the future […]