Covid-19 Pandemic Has Not Had Big Effect on Older Adult Migration Trends

As disruptive as the last three years have been for the senior living industry, the Covid-19 pandemic does not appear to have substantially changed where older adults move or the rate at which they do so. That’s according to a new American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) brief released this month that examined data from the […]

This Property Type Could Help Solve Senior Housing’s Affordability Problem

It’s no secret that many senior living providers are having trouble attracting “middle market” residents, or people who make enough to support themselves in their own homes but can’t afford a typical community’s monthly fees. But those people may find some relief in a different type of senior housing designed to cost a little less than […]

Senior Housing Investments & Transactions: Transforming Age’s $138 Million Portfolio Buy

Transforming Age Acquires $138 Million Portfolio  Transforming Age, formerly known as Presbyterian Retirement Communities Northwest, acquired an eight-property portfolio totaling more than 1,000 units for $138 million.  The portfolio, located across the Twin Cities, was acquired from a joint venture between Des Moines, Iowa-based LCS and Chicago-based Harrison Street Real Estate.  “Transforming Age saw the […]

Editor’s Picks: Miscalculating Senior Housing Demand

This week, some of our senior housing friends at Juniper Communities made their way to Burning Man. Cue the FOMO (fear of missing out). Check out the hashtag #aginginsurrectionbman on Twitter to follow along with their journey in the Nevada desert. While we are reeling with envy here in the newsroom, we were sure to […]

How Senior Housing Has Miscalculated Future Demand for Years

The senior housing industry may have been unrealistic in calculating its customer base for years, skewing estimated demand and impacting capital allocation decisions, according to a new white paper. To assess whether the service-enriched senior housing industry has a realistic grasp on who makes up its customer base—and to determine the impact recalibrating the customer base would have […]

1.8 Million More Seniors Housing Units Needed by 2040

Talk of oversupply has permeated the seniors housing industry for months on end, with real estate investment trusts (REITs) and operators alike expressing fears and doubts about the future of the market. Is it possible, though, that seniors housing developers have not been building enough to keep up with demand? The United States will need […]

The Truth Behind Senior Housing ‘Supply Surges’

With dipping occupancy feeding fears of senior housing oversupply, scrutinizing a market carefully before developing a new property is essential. And conventional wisdom has singled out some metro areas, such as San Antonio, as especially risky bets. But taking a longer-term—and bigger-picture—perspective reveals some surprising trends and a more nuanced take on some markets with […]

Finding the Next Hot Spot for Senior Living Development

Not all metros are equal when it comes to senior living development. The last 18 months were marked by builder hot spots from Texas, to Arizona and the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis in Minnesota. The speculation continues as builders set sights on new areas of development in 2015, including the return of capital […]

Bricks and Mortar Still Reigns in Senior Housing

The concept of senior living “without walls” is growing in popularity as providers seek innovative ways to prepare for the future, but long-term strategies can’t ignore traditional senior living communities, writes a former Sunrise Senior Living development executive. While many senior living providers, both for-profit and not-for-profit, are looking into or actively pursuing business lines […]