Changemakers: Arun Paul, Founder, Priya Living

Changing the senior living landscape has always been a cornerstone of Priya Living, under the leadership of its founder, Arun Paul. From marketing the company’s independent living communities as “Where Bombay Royale Meets Palm Springs,” to listing unit pricing directly on the company’s homepage, Paul has in many instances acted directly in contrast to what’s […]

Dining at a Distance: Senior Living Culinary Teams Make Tough Decisions Due To Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many senior living providers to retool their dining programs in short order. The operational challenges have been intense and in some cases “gut-wrenching,” as they fly in the face of dining leaders’ natural inclinations to bring residents together and offer the highest-caliber experiences possible. Indeed, many providers have spent considerable […]

Rising Trends in Senior Living Dining: Cloud Kitchens and On-Site Microfarms

Senior housing providers are embracing an ever-growing list of unique dining services and amenities in order to attract tomorrow’s residents and save on operating costs — including indoor hydroponic microfarms and offsite “cloud kitchens.” Two companies leading the way in this regard are Charlottesville, Virginia-based Commonwealth Senior Living, and Priya Living, a senior housing company […]