Inside the Senior Living Industry’s Value-Based Care ‘Arms Race’

This members-only, exclusive article is part of your SHN+ subscription If the speed at which senior living operators were adopting value-based care models accelerated last year, in 2024 the effort has kicked into an even higher gear. Within the last two months, senior living providers including 12 Oaks, Benchmark Senior Living, and Epoch Senior Living […]

Why Senior Living Operators Can Get Even More Creative With Food

This story is part of your SHN+ membership It’s no secret that senior living operators have a hill left to climb in the form of compressed margins and occupancy. Food is a growing part of that effort. In the years following Covid-19, senior living sales teams have worked hard to show the value that communities […]

How Data Differentiates Good from Great Senior Living Providers

This article is part of your SHN+ membership The need to improve operations is driving all that senior living operators do as they pivot to the offensive.  One big pressure point is the need to do more with less. In 2024, operators are living that mantra in a variety of ways, from maintaining staffing expenditures […]

9 Quotes That Defined Senior Living in 2023 and Suggest What’s In Store for 2024

After a slower start than many operators had hoped in 2023, the senior living industry is poised to regain pre-pandemic occupancy in 2024 – but many of the pandemic era’s challenges still remain. Challenges for the year ahead include finding ways to grow as new development remains tough, navigating lingering high expenses, staffing communities with […]

Senior Living Operators Report Length of Stay Improvement But Recovery Still Choppy

This content is part of your SHN+ subscription Senior living operators are improving care coordination and life enrichment offering for residents in a bid to improve length of stay (LoS) — while also being patient as the market appears to be normalizing from disruptions related to Covid-19. Many providers have reported that acuity among residents […]