Seniors Use This Technology More Than Ever Before

More seniors than ever before are embracing digital technology like smartphones and the internet, according to a newly released report from Pew Research. The report is based in part on findings from a phone survey of 3,015 U.S. adults conducted between Sept. 29, 2016, and Nov. 6, 2016. About 42% of seniors ages 65 and older […]

Pew: Seniors Participate in ‘Uber Economy’

Fear not—if you’re older in years, you can still be “with it.” In fact, if you’re an older adult, perhaps even a senior living resident, you may very well may have taken an Uber ride and donated to a crowdfunding campaign this week, according to a new research report from Pew Research Center titled “Shared, Collaborative […]

Getting Seniors Hooked on the Internet Key to Tech Adoption

Seniors who regularly use the internet are much more likely to believe it’s a valuable resource, says Pew Research of its latest Internet Project findings, and younger, richer seniors tend to feel more positive toward online platforms.  Similar to Pringles’ former slogan, “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop,” seniors who start using the internet typically […]

How Will Senior Housing Development Adapt to Multigenerational Trends?

Multigenerational households are nothing new, but thanks to poor economic conditions they are on the rise, according to several Pew Research Center studies, and some senior living architects contend it’s important to consider this trend when designing housing developments. Senior housing developers aren’t the only ones who should be paying attention. NPR (National Public Radio) recently kicked […]