Senior Housing Occupancy, Labor Pressures Will Not Let Up in 2019

Although capital will continue to flow into senior housing, developers and operators will face a challenging environment in 2019. These challenges might be starkest in markets that have seen oversupply in recent years, but broader economic trends will create pressures across the board, according to Beth Mace, chief economist at the National Investment Center for […]

Upcoming Webinar: Senior Housing Finance & Investment Outlook for 2019

 Date: November 28 Time: 1-2pm CST Register Now Over the last year, senior living owners and investors have seen turmoil when it comes to the headlines driving the senior living business, with talk of over-supply and occupancy challenges. Stories about large transactions, new development, repositioning and a healthy debate about health care versus hospitality have […]

Senior Housing Penetration Rates Show Puzzling Variation Across Different Metro Areas

The U.S. senior housing penetration rate has hovered around 10% over the last decade, but there’s been wide variability across different metropolitan areas. It’s difficult to pinpoint why the rate varies so much from city to city, and gaining a greater understanding of what drives penetration has big implications for the industry. Increasing market penetration […]

Historically Low Senior Housing Occupancy Persisted In Q3

After tumbling to an eight-year low in Q2, senior housing occupancy nationwide remained unchanged at 87.9%, according to the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) Q3 market fundamentals report. The occupancy rate is 0.8 percentage point lower than a year ago, 2.3% lower than the most recent high water mark of 90.2% […]

Wall Street Journal: Aging Boomers Divided on Being Called ‘Perennials’

Some aging baby boomers are rejecting the term “senior citizen,” but potential replacements like “perennial” are not yet gaining widespread traction. Other potential new terms, such as “vintage” and “golden ager,” also aren’t catching on widely, according to an article published Thursday in The Wall Street Journal. Observing that some boomers do not respond well […]

Why Senior Living Providers Need to Seize New Medicare Advantage Opportunities

The Medicare Advantage era is dawning in senior living. Due to policy changes implemented this year, these insurance plans appear poised to become a more important payer for senior living services. Under Medicare Advantage, federal dollars flow to private-sector insurance companies—including giants such as UnitedHealthcare (NYSE: UNH) and Humana (NYSE: HUM)—which offer benefits packages to […]

Senior Housing Occupancy Tumbles to 8-Year Low

Nationwide, senior housing occupancy has reached its lowest level in over eight years. Occupancy at U.S. seniors housing communities averaged 87.9% in the second quarter of 2018, dropping 0.4 percentage points from the first quarter of 2018 and 0.8 percentage points from the same time last year, according to newly published data from the National Investment Center […]