Top Senior Housing Trends for 2023

Each passing year brings closer the huge demand wave for senior living. And as 2023 begins, providers are more focused than ever on the next generation of consumers — but also are struggling to find ways to evolve the product as needed. The struggle is due to economic turmoil and uncertainty, with tight labor markets, […]

3 Data Points Shedding Light on Future of Senior Living

In the last month, a number of reports have provided data points that shed light on what the future holds for senior living. These reports have included an update on the middle market opportunity, a definition of the active adult rental sector, a breakdown of health conditions and spending among residents, a deep-dive into memory […]

Genworth, Curve Health Founder Partner to ‘Redefine’ How People Connect with Senior Living, Other Services

Insurance giant Genworth (NYSE: GNW) has teamed with serial entrepreneur Timothy Peck on a startup meant to redefine the way older adults connect with housing, services and care. Currently, when older adults and their loved ones are in need, they must start to navigate a system that is “fragmented,” “dizzying,” “overwhelming” and “unfair,” Peck told […]

List of Priciest U.S. Senior Living Communities Shows Luxury Niche Deepens as Market Matures

Over the last few years, the senior living industry has focused on meeting the middle market, and for good reason. But at the other end of the spectrum lies another evolving market niche: luxurious communities with services and prices geared toward the affluent. For residents, these communities come with cream-of-the-crop services — and monthly rates […]

Kramer: Covid-19’s ‘Creative Destruction’ of Senior Living Requires New Tech-Driven Models

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is dismantling a long-held notion among some senior living providers that health care is not their domain. That doesn’t mean senior living providers need to abandon hospitality-driven models altogether. But it does likely mean they need to rethink how they coordinate care within their communities, according to Nexus Insights Founder and […]

How Covid-19 Paves The Way For More Senior Living, University Partnerships

Covid-19 is putting pressure on academic institutions, creating a clearer and stronger case for why universities should partner with senior living providers. Senior living affiliations with colleges and universities were gaining traction prior to Covid-19, and industry leaders such as NIC Co-Founder and Nexus Insights President and Founder Bob Kramer and Kendal Corporation President and […]