NHI Continues SHOP Momentum With ‘Plenty of Dry Powder’ for New Investments in 2024

National Health Investors (NYSE: NHI) is continuing to build on momentum gained through stronger results for its senior housing operating portfolio, with an eye toward more growth in 2024.  Occupancy for the Murfreesboro, Tennessee-based real estate investment trust’s (REIT’s) 15-property SHOP segment has ticked up in recent quarters, ending March at an average rate of […]

NHI Expects to Accelerate Growth in 2024, Investment Outlook Remains ‘Very Favorable’

It’s shaping up to be an active investment year in 2024 for companies like National Health Investors (NYSE: NHI), according to CEO Eric Mendelsohn. Though the company did not announce sizable new investments or outline a granular strategy for the year ahead, Mendelsohn noted that the company’s leaders are growing “more optimistic” about its investment […]

Top Senior Housing Trends for 2024

A new year always brings new challenges and opportunities. In 2024, the senior living industry will have plenty of both. The senior living sector endured a hard year in 2023, starting with multiple stories of operators shutting down or in distress, and ending with assisted living being slammed in the recent Washington Post series. But […]

Why Senior Living Market Conditions Put REITs in the Driver’s Seat for 2024

This content is available as part of your SHN+ subscription We might be entering a golden age for senior housing REITs, judging by what the top leaders of Welltower (NYSE: WELL) and Ventas (NYSE: VTR) had to say during their companies’ most recent earnings calls. The senior living industry is entering a new period of […]

NHI Amends Discovery Lease in Quest to Maximize Senior Living Performance 

National Health Investors (NYSE: NHI) is continuing to tweak its relationships with operating partners to better maximize its senior housing results, and the company’s top leader said he is “gaining confidence” that a runway for new growth is within reach. The senior living operators in Murfreesboro, Tennessee-based NHI’s senior housing operating portfolio (SHOP) have had […]

NHI Grapples With Lingering Tenant Troubles With Eye on Future SHOP Growth

National Health Investors (NHI) is capitalizing on timely transactions, even as persistent challenges with some tenants continue to weigh on the company’s balance sheet. That said, management of the Murfreesboro, Tenn.-based real estate investment trust (REIT) said they see plenty of future upside in senior living, even with a potentially bumpy road ahead still left […]

NHI Off to ‘Great Start’ in Q1 Despite Tempered Expectations for New SHOP Segment

National Health Investors (NYSE: NHI) started the year strong with a relatively muted rate of new rent deferrals and limited rent concessions and deferral payments, according to CEO Eric Mendelsohn. That said, the company still has some soft spots in need of improvement, namely its burgeoning senior housing operating (SHOP) segment, which saw continued pressure […]

NHI Continues to Unload Underperforming Assets, Focus on Return to Growth

By Amy Stulick National Health Investors Inc. (NYSE: NHI) teased more investment activity before the end of the year, as the company seeks to take advantage of a normalizing seller’s market. NHI CEO Eric Mendelsohn said the Murfreesboro, Tenn.-based real estate investment trust (REIT) is targeting another $50 million to $60 million in additional asset […]

NHI Nears End of Portfolio Optimization, Plans Return to Growth

With National Healthcare Investors’ (NYSE: NHI) year-long effort to optimize its portfolio nearly complete, the company is once again renewing its focus on growth in the future. The Murfreesboro, Tennessee-based real estate investment trust (REIT) made more progress pruning its portfolio in the second quarter of 2022 and bringing new operators into the fold, and […]