Five Reasons Healthcare Reform Can’t Ignore Assisted Living

Assisted living hasn’t been a major focus of healthcare reform and how it fits into the nation’s healthcare system, but industry stakeholders say that doesn’t mean it won’t be impacted. Healthcare reform is poised to make a splash in the assisted living world for a number of reasons, including more acute care knowledge of what […]

Providers Gain Huge ROI with High-Tech Tracking

Tracking residents’ health has always been a major component of senior living. But new technology is allowing that tracking to become faster, more efficient, accurate and comprehensive, and some companies are saving by double-digit margins when they move to real-time monitoring. “The care management piece is a huge component of revenue; it accounts for about […]

Assisted Living Unprepared for Huge Healthcare Role

Assisted living is poised to play a huge role in the healthcare system, but only on certain conditions many in the industry say haven’t yet been met. Much hinges on the ability to track and prove outcomes. Penalties on avoidable readmissions above a certain threshold have made hospitals more careful about where discharged patients go. […]

Movers & Shakers – People and Positions for May

Senior living professionals have been moving on up the ladder, with several promotions in this edition of Movers & Shakers along along with new appointments and hires.  Are you looking to shake up your own career? Look for senior housing jobs nationwide on SHN’s job board. Employers: Take advantage of our job board to look for some of […]