New Senior Living Shopper Demands Price Transparency

In an era inundated with search terms and virtual shopping bags, some continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) are realizing that being upfront about price is what consumers are looking for when searching for a senior living community. “Historically there have not been many [providers] that have been forthcoming about pricing online,” says Susannah Myerson, vice […]

CCRCs Break Down Walls to Partner with Financial Planners

Retirement communities and financial planners: historically the two have not gone hand in hand. But a push for working together, rather than separately when planning for long term care—and paying for it—could work to break down the walls that have existed in the past. “[Twenty years ago] you never heard of a financial planner being […]

New Website Launches CCRC Database for Consumers, Financial Planners

In an effort to help consumers navigate the Continuing Care Retirement Community search process as well as establish a database for CCRC details and information, LifeSite Logics launched last week providing an online resource to do both.  Since September 2011, the company has been gathering CCRC data from occupancy rates to available services and entrance […]