Providers Pay Steep Price for Withholding Cost Info Online

Senior living community sales teams know that the jump from website visitor to qualified move-in candidate is a big one. But they may not know that what they’re leaving off of their websites is making that all-important conversion even less likely. Many senior living community websites are just plain shy about their pricing, April LaMon, the […]

Providers Shorten Sales Cycle With New Approach to Online Leads

The decision to move into senior living is one that takes time — time that senior living providers are often looking to shorten, especially as seasonal occupancy declines drag down operational efficiencies. But with the help of new technology, operators are hoping to significantly cut back on the time it takes for a prospect to […]

Making the Case for Price Transparency in Senior Living

The costs of senior living can range from $1,500 to $8,000 a month and beyond — price points providers often hesitate to immediately share with prospective residents. But these costs, along with billing and payment options, are becoming increasingly important to share upfront with prospects who are in the throes of making a major life […]

What Senior Living Sales Needs to Learn about Hook, Line and Sinker

Every sale has a hook, line and sinker — even in senior living. And behind every sale is a marketing campaign that works in the same way. But senior living providers have long struggled to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, facing a population that doesn’t necessarily want the product they’re selling. And with […]