Covid-19 Changes ‘All Protocols’ For Senior Living Admissions, Creates Legal Gray Areas

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted just about every facet of senior living operations — including when to allow admission of new residents and how that process is handled. On one hand, senior living providers must maintain occupancy levels to keep revenue flowing, and that means admitting new residents. Particularly in assisted living and memory care, […]

It’s Not Pot: What Senior Living Providers Should Know About CBD

While it doesn’t get you high and may not treat as many conditions as advertised, CBD could have an even larger immediate impact on senior living than marijuana. For one, CBD is everywhere these days, including in cookies, coffee and even dog treats. And in a sign of the times, pharmacy giants CVS (NYSE: CVS) […]

Senior Living Providers Develop Smarter Pot Policies as Legalization Continues

Crafting marijuana policies in senior housing is tricky, but it’s becoming more important with each passing year.   There’s a good chance of at least some marijuana or cannabis product use among any senior housing resident population, according to Dr. Cari Levy, a professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and president of […]

Senior Living Providers Can No Longer Blow Off Pot Policies

As more older adults embrace marijuana use, senior living providers who don’t take heed of the budding trend could find themselves in legal hot water—even if they operate in states where medical and recreational cannabis use is legal. Seattle-based Lane Powell PC, a regional law firm headquartered in Seattle, saw a noticeable uptick in senior living providers […]